You can hack a computer. Can you hack your fitness? – Fortune

For ultra-competitive, mostly male engineers in the technology industry, fitness is the next space for efficiency and one-upsmanship.

When people talk about the skyrocketing metabolism of Silicon Valley, it’s a metaphor for profits, innovation, a surge in products or services. But now it’s happening literally. There is a cultural shift afoot in the technology industry: fitness has gripped the so-called brogrammer. Software developers who see the world as a series of systems in need of optimization have turned that instinct inward. Call it the six abs of highly effective techies—HGH bodies for PHP minds.

via You can hack a computer. Can you hack your fitness? – Fortune.

A Year of Excess

Wow. 2015. What a year! And I can’t believe it’s about to end already. Where has the time gone? I swear it was just yesterday I was packing up 2014 files at work to store away, and now I’m about to do it all again.

As for writing? That’s been a rollercoaster all on its own. It certainly didn’t help that life was seriously getting in the way all the while…

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ECO 2016 Preview! (4) – Erie Chamber Orchestra Blogs

My good friend Christina will have her compositions performed by the Erie Chamber Orchestra!tmp_22489-christina-brice-dolanc1873599849

Finally, ECO violinist Chrstina Dolanc reveals her other identity as a composer, with the ECO-commissioned work Stars Alone for orchestra and chorus, featuring the Erie Renaissance Singers, directed by Steven A. Woods.

Streaming Workouts at Beachbody!

If you’re a complete nerd/geek like me, you want your workouts not on outdated media, but streaming to a browser near you. Beachbody has come out with a new service called Beachbody on Demand. When you set up a BOD account (runs you around $12 per month, billed quarterly), you instantly get access to many titles for no extra cost.

bod_free_Screenshot from 2016-01-28 18:25:41
Free Programs!

For example, you get all of the P90X series of workouts by Tony Horton (including P90X, P90X2 and P90X3), a HUGE value. Additionally, you get all of the Insanity workouts by Shaun T. It’s a really sweet deal stock, out of the box (so to speak).


Why Eating Less & Exercising More Won’t Make You Lose Weight – Fact vs Fitness

It’s all about proper food pairing!

Emerging research has revealed that each individual has a microbial signature – much like a fingerprint, but instead using variations among gut bacteria. Research has clearly demonstrated that this microbial signature pays huge contribution to a person’s weight, digestive capacity, and metabolism.

An excellent article, full of great advice.