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More than $60m worth of bitcoin was stolen from one of the world’s largest digital currency exchanges yesterday, and nearly 24 hours later, the event is still shrouded in mystery.

What is clear, though, is that the impact is far-reaching.

The Bitfinex theft represents the largest loss of bitcoins by an exchange since Japan’s infamous Mt Gox lost 744,408 BTC in early 2014 (worth $350m), a breach that would ultimately cause it to cease operations.

via The Bitfinex Bitcoin Hack: What We Know (And Don’t Know) – CoinDesk

What if – just what if – the system is flawed this way. What would we expect to see? And what would the response be of the academics on the inside, when criticized from the “cranks” on the outside?

A Seed Of Doubt by Steve Patterson

Yes, in fact, we libertarians don’t like being told what to do…

I’m not exactly sure why libertarians are hated so much. I hear so many strawman arguments about our position: the position that says that other people are not your property.

Take the photo, for example. “All cats are libertarians. Completely dependent on others but fully convinced of their own independence.” This is a strawman of our position, of course. Libertarians understand that we are all interdependent. No man is an island, so to speak, so we all must work together in the division of labor. The difference between the statist and the libertarian is that latter has no sense of entitlement to the labor of others, whereas the former demands it due to birthright. The “independence” that we desire is freedom from arbitrary rule.

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Watch “Now Japanese Prime Minister Abe Predicts Global Economic Catastrophe is Iminent” on YouTube

The Voice of Resistance

How free are you?

Elliott Hulse: When To Be Angry and When To Chill The F*ck Out

This is an excellent video on how to exercise self-control in any argument, and how to deal with your body’s natural reaction of anger. Enjoy!

Philosophy of A Dragon

In refining our ideas and expressing them, we give wings to the soul of what makes us human.

The actions that result from refined and examined ideas are wisdom in flight.

Dragons are wisdom in flight; souls in motion who change the world.

We all start as humans, but we can grow into dragons.

Become a dragon.

Source: Philosophy of A Dragon

Woody Harrelson: Anarchist and Time Traveller!

woody_anarchist woody_in_budapest

The Gun in the Room

The Gun in the Room

You tried to ignore it,
But I wouldn’t let you forget.

You tried to change the subject,
But I kept reminding you anyway.

The gun in the room doesn’t disappear because we ignore it;
It’s real.

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