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Fitness Success Story

It really isn’t about weight; it’s about being the most fit and healthy you can be. It’s about being strong and being able to handle this life and the crazy stuff it throws at us.

That is what I love about exercise–the strength, endurance and flexibility it grants us. We were not made to sit around all day eating bonbons.

Interested in taking control of your fitness? Make me your coach today and we can do it together!


Watch “Everything Wrong With Environmentalism In 11 Minutes Or Less!!” on YouTube

Emily makes a devastating case against the modern environmentalist movement, calling them out for missing the point.

Article: Scientists scan the brain to see how stress undermines your diet

Scientists scan the brain to see how stress undermines your diet

Does Stress Determine Your Diet?


If you’re trying to lose weight, kick off your diet by relaxing. Stress tinkers with your brain chemistry in ways that make it hard to make healthful food choices and maintain self-control, a new study finds.

Scientists scan the brain to see how stress undermines your diet:

Breakfast on the 21 Day Fix

For breakfast, I whipped up a nice omelette with tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, artichoke hearts, and avocado. I discovered an ear of corn in the fridge from dinner a few days ago, so I scraped the kernels off and fried those up alongside everthing. Continue reading “Breakfast on the 21 Day Fix”

Why Eating Less & Exercising More Won’t Make You Lose Weight – Fact vs Fitness

It’s all about proper food pairing!

Emerging research has revealed that each individual has a microbial signature – much like a fingerprint, but instead using variations among gut bacteria. Research has clearly demonstrated that this microbial signature pays huge contribution to a person’s weight, digestive capacity, and metabolism.

An excellent article, full of great advice.

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