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Overdue with twins? No excuse to not exercise!


Fitness Success Story

It really isn’t about weight; it’s about being the most fit and healthy you can be. It’s about being strong and being able to handle this life and the crazy stuff it throws at us.

That is what I love about exercise–the strength, endurance and flexibility it grants us. We were not made to sit around all day eating bonbons.

Interested in taking control of your fitness? Make me your coach today and we can do it together!

The Voice of Resistance

How free are you?

Article: Scientists scan the brain to see how stress undermines your diet

Scientists scan the brain to see how stress undermines your diet

You can hack a computer. Can you hack your fitness? – Fortune

For ultra-competitive, mostly male engineers in the technology industry, fitness is the next space for efficiency and one-upsmanship.

When people talk about the skyrocketing metabolism of Silicon Valley, it’s a metaphor for profits, innovation, a surge in products or services. But now it’s happening literally. There is a cultural shift afoot in the technology industry: fitness has gripped the so-called brogrammer. Software developers who see the world as a series of systems in need of optimization have turned that instinct inward. Call it the six abs of highly effective techies—HGH bodies for PHP minds.

via You can hack a computer. Can you hack your fitness? – Fortune.

Streaming Workouts at Beachbody!

If you’re a complete nerd/geek like me, you want your workouts not on outdated media, but streaming to a browser near you. Beachbody has come out with a new service called Beachbody on Demand. When you set up a BOD account (runs you around $12 per month, billed quarterly), you instantly get access to many titles for no extra cost.

bod_free_Screenshot from 2016-01-28 18:25:41
Free Programs!

For example, you get all of the P90X series of workouts by Tony Horton (including P90X, P90X2 and P90X3), a HUGE value. Additionally, you get all of the Insanity workouts by Shaun T. It’s a really sweet deal stock, out of the box (so to speak). Continue reading “Streaming Workouts at Beachbody!”

Does Stress Determine Your Diet?


If you’re trying to lose weight, kick off your diet by relaxing. Stress tinkers with your brain chemistry in ways that make it hard to make healthful food choices and maintain self-control, a new study finds.

Scientists scan the brain to see how stress undermines your diet:

Youtube Celebrities Take on P90

It’s all about what works for you. Look at these popular Youtubers and how they fared on P90:

Continue reading “Youtube Celebrities Take on P90”

Breakfast on the 21 Day Fix

For breakfast, I whipped up a nice omelette with tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, artichoke hearts, and avocado. I discovered an ear of corn in the fridge from dinner a few days ago, so I scraped the kernels off and fried those up alongside everthing. Continue reading “Breakfast on the 21 Day Fix”

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