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Coding “Boot into the command line console in Ubuntu 16.04”

My business partner, Alexis, posted a good blog for us old Linux fogies. I also used to start X from a console window. Ubuntu kind of cured me of that habit (I use lightdmexclusively). Anyway, here are his trials and tribulations trying to get Ubuntu 16.04 to behave. I’ve mirrored his text here so it’s mobile friendly:

As I just upgraded my 14.04 installation to 16.04, it booted right up to lightdm.

I had it properly setup to boot in a console before, but somehow it changed the behavior on me.

This is because the computer is now using systemd to boot.

Continue reading “ “Boot into the command line console in Ubuntu 16.04””

New features in Linux kernel 4.7

One of the biggest changes made in Linux kernel 4.7 is the support for the newly announced Radeon 480 GPUs from AMD. As expected, this support has been embedded directly into the AMDGPU video driver.

Another big change comes to Linux kernel in the form of a new security module LoadPin. It makes sure that modules loaded by the Linux kernel originate from a single file system.

Interestingly, kernel 4.7 release introduces the schedutil cpufreq governor that allows you to change your CPU’s operating frequency.

The other changes in Linux kernel 4.7 include the support for parallel directory lookups and firmware upgrade by following the EFI ‘Capsule’ mechanism.

via Linus Torvalds Releases Linux Kernel 4.7 — Here Are The New Features

Compile-time settings and whatnot often make use of #define, #ifdef, and #if. I would like to make the case that using none of these is the best option, and plain old if-statements ought to be used most of the time.

Upgrading from Ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04 issues.

I want to make a log of my experiences with upgrading my email server from Ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04.

When the installation upgraded the mysql installation, it tried to create the database “performance_schema”, which already existed. This caused the package upgrading to fail. Continue reading “Upgrading from Ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04 issues.”

You can hack a computer. Can you hack your fitness? – Fortune

For ultra-competitive, mostly male engineers in the technology industry, fitness is the next space for efficiency and one-upsmanship.

When people talk about the skyrocketing metabolism of Silicon Valley, it’s a metaphor for profits, innovation, a surge in products or services. But now it’s happening literally. There is a cultural shift afoot in the technology industry: fitness has gripped the so-called brogrammer. Software developers who see the world as a series of systems in need of optimization have turned that instinct inward. Call it the six abs of highly effective techies—HGH bodies for PHP minds.

via You can hack a computer. Can you hack your fitness? – Fortune.

Got code to write? That’s no excuse to be sitting down on the job!

Stop sitting down on the job!

There are medical studies out there that show that sitting all day is very bad for your body. The American Medical Association recommends you have alternatives to sitting when doing your daily work. Continue reading “Got code to write? That’s no excuse to be sitting down on the job!”

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