Who am I? I’m a software engineer, vocal actor, fitness enthusiast, linguistics and sci-fi fan, and a believer in a voluntary society.

I’ve been a professional software engineer since my high school days (we are talking Tandy Radio Shack Model Is, BASIC-IN-ROM and Z80 assembler). Presently, I am the CTO of Made to Order Software, specializing in C++, GNU/Linux, CMake, Javascript/jQuery/CSS/HTML. My current project is a joint venture with Finball, Inc., building and maintaining Exdox, web-based software for the hand car wash industry.

I always have had an interest in acting, either on stage or more recently, behind the mic. I’m currently cast as The Doctor at the Doctor Who Audio Dramas (or you can look them up on Facebook). I also do a bit of audio work here and there at the Australian-based Doctor Audio Adventures.


If you are interested in learning more about me and my thing, feel free to browse my site!

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